• Tokens of Happiness

    Tokens of happiness

    Meet the happy whales. The new generation of Danish interior design. Design by Witt presents the perfect gift for baby showers, baptism, name giving parties and birthdays. These cheerful wooden designs are colorful approach to traditional Danish design. Their happy smiles and positive attitude makes them outstanding and inspiring gifts. These wooden interior designs are long lasting gifts. Their minimalistic appearance and timeless design, makes these wooden animals a happy little friend that will last you a lifetime.



    At Design by Witt we love beautiful designs. We also genuinely appreciate the old traditions of Danish design and culture. Since the founder of Design by Witt used to be a Royal Life Guard himself, this iconic regiment inspired him to create the The Royal Life Guard as a graceful interior wood design. This timeless Danish design is the perfect gift for former and future Royal Life Guards as it shows appreciation and respect for their commitment. It is even possible to get the Royal Life Guard engraved, to make it personal. The Royal Life Guard is a beautiful graduation gift. For all the history lovers and the ones passionate about culture this is a must-have Danish design.



    The Tokens of Happiness - Danish wooden designs. Traditional Danish design combined with a happy and positive twist. The Tokens of Happiness is a "must-have" for all design lovers. These wooden interior designs created by the Danish designer Martin Witt are the perfect gifts for anyone who is passionate about Scandinavian and Nordic design. Walter & Hannibal are minimalist wooden animals designed to inspire and spread happiness to your friends and family. These designs are the perfect way to decorate your home with elegant, timeless and long lasting designs. The Tokens of Happiness are designed to fit the modern home.

  • Tokens of Happiness

    Tokens of Happiness

    Tokens of Happiness are the new generation of Danish interior design. Start your ovn collection of happy whales and happy sharks today in feel the joyful atmosphere they provide. Wooden interior designs have never been smiling as much as they do now. Our happy whales and sharks respect the old traditions of Danish design, but they also want to put their ovn cheerful mark on the new generation of Danish design. If you take good care of these timeless Tokens of Happiness, they will last a lifetime.

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