The Happy Whales - Tokens of Happiness – Design by Witt

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The Happy Whales - Tokens of Happiness


Designer: Design by Witt

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These iconic designs - the happy whales - are swimming happily side by side. 

Happiness only gets better, when you share it with others. Therefore you will often 
find these cheerful designs from the Tokens of Happiness collection standing cosily togehter. 

These cute interior wooden figurines will give your home and life a happy boost. 

This boxset contains: 

- Design figurines: Small & Medium 

- Happiness Notepad. 

- Plant a tree certificate

The happy whales act as a daily reminder, to always find a reason to smile. Use the included Happiness Notepad to strengthen your postive mindset. End every day with a positive reflection, by writing down on the notepad each night, what made your day happy. Repeat this exercise every night to train your positive mindset. 

The happiest gift:

Both Walter & Vera will be the perfect gift next time you will be invited for a baby shower or a baptizing. These Tokens of Happiness will be cheerful decorations lasting a lifetime. 

Product information: 
The happy whales are made from Indonesian hard wood.

Small:       H 5,6 cm x L 8 cm x W 2 cm
Medium:   H 7,6 cm x L 11 cm x W 2,8 cm

Maintenance: Wipe with a soft damp cloth. 
Each Token of Happiness comes in a nice gift box. 
These designs are not toys, but should be used as decorations. 

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