The book about Hannibal the shark - When Hannibal made his first friend – Design by Witt

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The book about Hannibal the shark - When Hannibal made his first friend


Designer: Design by Witt

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Get to know the little helpful shark Hannibal. 

Hannibal is not your random ordinary little shark. Hannibal is in fact a very helpful and considerate shark. Not matter what happens, you can always trust that Hannibal will help you.

Unfortunately, the life as a shark may be a little lonesome. Namely because a lot of people believe that all sharks are dangerous. Just by appearing in his own body and looks, Hannibal frightens everybody to flee, even before he can show who he really is. That is why Hannibal's largest wish is to make a new friend. 

In this books we've focused on loneliness, and the eternal value of friendship. Some times, we all need a good friend. If we simply allow each other to show who we really are, a new friend may become visible right under our noses.


Once upon a time Hannibal meets Walter the happy whale. The encounter develops into a friendship, and together, the two new friends, set out to show the world that Hannibal in fact isn't that dangerous. But how is this actually accomplished? 

As the critically highly appraised childrens book about Walter the happy whale. The book about Hannibal the shark includes a multilevel approach. Take us of the book as the classic read-out-loud-book, to teach the child how to view everyday life challenges in a positive manner and perspective. 
For each chapter is written dialog boxes. Each box encourages a positive talk with the child about the action in the book, and to help putting words on child emotions. Finally, the child can imagine its own story based on the beautiful illustrations in the book.

Hannibal the shark and Design by Witt always thinks about the environment.

That is why we support various positive initiatives such as WDC - Whale and Dolphin Conservation. in which we adopted the humpback whale Salt. 
We also support the Global Climate Institut, and plant a tree for every book sold. For each book a certificate with an individual serial number is included, for exactly the tree you've helped plant with the purchase of a book. 


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