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This is the sweet and exciting story about Walter the happy whale.
Since Walter is the happiest little whale you will every meet, one day he decides to travel the world to learn what it feels like to be sad.

On his journey, Walter meets different children from all over the world.  Each one of them, is struggling with difficulties that makes them sad. But fortunately Walter has an amazing ability to always find a reason to smile.

The critics love this kids book for dialogical reading. A popular gift for baby showers and baptizing. 

In the book, you will also find the song about Walter. It is complete with notes and lyrics - if you want, you can download the video version for free via the link in the book. 

BONUS INFO: On his journey, little Walter meets the real whale "Salt". Salt has in real life been adopted by Walter the happy whale via the incredible organisation WDC - Whale and dolphin conservation.

"Walter the happy whale - there is always a reason to smile" can be used in different ways. Read the book out load for your kids, while you teach the kids how to deal with everyday challanges with a postive mindset. 

For every chapter, you will also find questions, that will open up a dialog between you and the child, about feelings and the experiences learned from the book.  

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